We initially decided to work on a feature request that After submitting our idea to the Shotwell team it was decided that the feature could not be implemented as a plugin. The plugin system that Shotwell uses can't handle publishing photos to an external service yet so this feature will have to wait. Instead we have decided to go with fixed a bug per week while also working on personal bugs if time permits. This will help both Shotwell and us. Shotwell is trying to push out a new version (0.12) and they need as many bugs fixed as possible. This also helps us in being able to work on the bugs on our own time during the week. We can also meet on Sundays to tie up any loose ends.

Bug #4094
This bug describes the behavior of a tool window (cropping, adjusting properties) whenever Shotwell is resized. If you maximize and minimize Shotwell when a tool window is open then the tool window does not stay centered. This can be fixed by resetting the tool window position every time Shotwell is resized. The tool windows are Gtk.Windows which has a method called "gtk_window_set_position ()". We are working on finding what the main window in Shotwell is called so that we can grab its position on the screen so then the tool windows position can be set.